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About Greyhounds

Greyhound Facts

We are very clean animals.
Because of our sleek short haired coats, we do not have a "doggy" odor. Most of us prefer to clean ourselves like cats!

We do not eat very much.
Although we are a large breed, we really do not eat that much dog food per-day. We enjoy treats and toys just like any other dog!

We live to be 10-12 years old.
We have a relatively long life-span for a large breed dog. We also have very few health problems. This is due to the fact that our breed has been kept pure of defects through proper breeding.

We can live with cats and other small animals.
Because of our upbringing, we greyhounds are very social. With proper introductions, we can learn to get along with just about any other pet.

We are gentle and quiet.
We are incredibly gentle, quiet, calm and good-natured. Most of us are 45 MPH couch potatoes, preferring to relax with you and our family. In fact, most small breeds are more hyperactive we are.

We are crate or kennel trained.
What this means is that we know to do our business outside. We learn quickly, but you will have to teach us what outside is as most of us have never been in a home before.

We barely shed.
Because of our smooth, light coats we do not shed like most dogs. This is not to say that we don't shed. If you have a dog you're gonna have a hair in the home!

We are greyt with kids.
It is however, important for any child to learn that the tail belongs to the dog! We are patient and non confrontational so rather than be hurt we prefer to walk away from a harassing child.

We are not good watchdogs!
Yes we are sighthounds, but we are such docile creatures, we would only watch a thief and greet him as they would any other person! Although our size can be a deterrent!

We are the smallest large dog you will ever own!
We typical weigh between 40 and 80 pounds and are between 24 and 30 inches tall. Males are generally larger than females. Amazingly, we can fold up like a furry card table and fit in just about any space! Or, given the space, we can sprawl out all over a Queen sized bed!

We do not require a lot of exercise.
Even though we are a working breed and have raced on the track, we are quick to adjust to the retired life. Taking walks is usually enough to exercise us. Some of us  like to attend a weekly playgroup where we can romp with friends. You can also teach us to be your jogging partner, but you will have to build up our activity level as we are used to being sprinters. You do need to keep us on a leash at all times however, unless in a fenced in area.

We are indoor dogs.
Because we have such short coats and little or no body fat it is not possible for a Greyhound to live outside. We would surely freeze in the winter and die of heat exhaustion in the summer.