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Adoption Process

Online Greyhound Adoption Application

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Our Adoption Process

We encourage you to read our website and its entire contents so you are familiar with the breed and what you are about to adopt. Please ask questions, we are glad to answer any questions you may have. A retired racer is not like your average dog in the fact that they have never been away from the pack. Going out the front door of the adoption kennel is literally the hardest task they will ever have to do. Learning to live alone in a home takes time. Learning the new surroundings takes time. We want you to keep in mind that while you are adopting a dog that is full grown, you are still adopting a dog that is not all that different from a puppy. They have to learn stairs, basic commands and slick floors. They will need to learn the rules of your home and you will need to take time to teach your dog how to live in a house. Please keep in mind - it takes 3-6 months to train a racing greyhound how to navigate a track at 40 mph with 7 other dogs. It will take time for your new retired athelete to learn how to live responsibly in your home.

We evaluate all of our greyhounds temperaments, which means we check compatibility with kids, cats and other critters. We also look at the dogs activity level and sociability factors.

We evaluate our potential adopters and you must be approved prior to adopting one of our beloved greyhounds. Every applicant is required to fill out an application. Someone will contact you within 24-48 hours to answer any questions you may have and briefly interview you.

After compiling information from you, the adopter, and comparing it to the list of available dogs in our facility, you will be introduced to several dogs that match your criteria. This is one of the best ways to assure a proper fit for the needs of the dog and your family.

It is best if you fill out the online application approximately 1-2 weeks before coming to our kennel. This will allow you pre-approval and the possibility to take your new friend home with you the very day you meet them. No need to make a second trip! Please keep in mind this is not always a garuntee that you will be taking a dog home on your first visit.

Our suggested adoption donation schedule is:
$300-for dogs up to 6 years of age   

$250-for dogs 7-9 years of age   

$175-for dogs 10 years and over

Your Fee includes:

  •      Spay or neutering of the greyhound
  •      All vaccinations including Rabies
  •      Testing for heartworms and internal parasites and treatments if necessary
  •      Dental examination and teeth cleaning
  •      Bathed, nails trimmed and ears cleaned
  •      Treatment for fleas and ticks (Capstar and /or Frontline)
  •      A Pet Portfolio of your greyhounds records
  •      A greyhound friendly basket muzzle
  •      A sighthound martingale collar
  •      A Project Racing Home identification tag

We require a deposit of $100 to place dogs on hold. The balance is due when the adoption is finalized.
After adopting: If with-in the first 14 days you feel the dog is not going to work out for your family; we ask that you either try a different dog or return the dog for a refund minus the $100 deposit fee. Adoptions are considered final after 14 days and no refunds will be given.