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Kennel front view

Greyhound Pups


Because we adopt our hounds when they are older (usually at least a year or two old) , people often ask what greyhounds look like as puppies.

I try to visit the youngsters whenever I get a chance...I think its neat to see how quickly they grow and how they are raised in a "dog" community. I mean what other breed of dog gets to stay with their brothers and sisters, playing and romping around all day? What better growing expertise can you have other than staying with mom and allowing her to teach you the ropes? Sounds a lot like humans doesn't it?

People often wonder why greyhounds are the way they are. For example...

Why is it that a greyhound will gravitate toward another greyhound?


        Because they recognize each other as being the same breed?? Greyhounds will most likely recognize each other as being the same breed. Now that doesn't mean that Mom will recognize her offspring two years after the fact but we humans would like to think that they do!

Greyhounds are raised in such unique ways. Once the pups are whelped, the pups are tended to daily. They are inspected and watched to make sure they are healthy and well cared for by mom. When you walk into a pen of puppies, better known as the whelping pen, you had better shuffle your feet and scoot them on the ground. This is no time to be happy with the feet, one wrong step and you could injure a puppy and break a leg or a foot. They are small! They are very fragile, just like all newborns! Mom watches when you enter, she wants to know your careful with her kids and she is always the center of attention as we all must let her know that even with her big ol milk bags...she is forever beautiful in our eyes! After all, look at the kids she is raising!

Female Pup

8-10 week old pup

As the pups grow and they learn to crawl out of the whelping box (approx 4-5 weeks), they begin their early days of house cleaning. Mom is now teaching them to potty outside the box and they are learning to keep their living quarters clean! Next step...out the door! As the pups get older (6-8 weeks) they begin to venture out the door to the outside run. This is when mom attempts to stress the importance of "going outside" rather than inside and amazingly enough...they really do learn from mom!

One friend of mine leaves her momma dogs with their puppies for about 6 months. She allows the mom to control the pack of little critters! This is very important because anyone who has ever been around a litter of greyhound puppies will tell you...when they are below 8 weeks they are so lovey dovey but when they get over that hump...WATCH OUT!!! They can become hellions with razor sharp teeth and they love to eat shoes and feet! So much for the shuffling you your forced NOT to dance when they eat you!! The puppies are so silly at this age! Mom will keep them all in line, she will see that no one gets over obnoxious and she is quite stern with them if they do. These are the first days of training that your dog will receive! It all begins with mom!

As the pups grow and mature they spend their days playing with one another always under the watchful eye of mom. They are sprinted daily in a large open field and this is when they begin to get their "gusto" and competitive edge...they will challenge each other and run till they drop if you let them! But sprinting is done early in the day (beat the heat) and often enough (once a day) so that the youngsters get their energy out and they develop well formed muscles and strong bones.

Male Pup


To see these kids play is really a site. Watching them teaches you so much about the breed. It's amazing to me how they develop and become what we call "mini racers!" They speed from one side of the field to the other...barking, carrying on, telling each other "I'm faster" "No - I'M faster!"

These kids are raised in what I think is a greyt greyhound community...they live in open areas where they can see each other. They have plenty of other kids to play with. They are raise to be a social with one another. I was once told the hardest time in a greyhounds life is when they enter the world of adoption and are forced to live alone. I believe that. I believe that because I understand the breed and how they have been raised for many many years. ......And 5 greys currently grace my house because they are such social dwellers!

But this page is for the kids...if I can get them as they grow I will! Happy looking! Watch your eeeewww and aaaahhhhhs!!! LOL The eeeewww and aaaahhh factor gets pretty thick when talking of pups!